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"Ilaw" in the Philipppine national language, Tagalog, means "light."


Ilaw "brings light" to topics and stories that inform and connect Filipinos and people of any ethnicity with connection to or interest in Filipino culture, living in Victoria, BC, Canada.


We welcome experienced writers to join our editorial team and writers at any level to contribute articles in English or any Filipino dialect (to be translated in English.) Anyone with a passion for Filipino culture, regardless of ethnicity or age are encouraged to contribute. We also welcome our readers to give us feedback, suggestions, and information on events, programs, and people to feature, relevant to the Victoria Filipino community.

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Racism Experiences
in Canada


In light of the current rise of racism against Asians in Canada (in Vancouver alone anti-Asian hate crimes rose 717% in 2020 compared to 2019,) the Ilaw is collecting racism stories from Filipino-Canadians for an article. Please email your stories or interest to be interviewed to the Ilaw. Your name can be concealed if desired.

Connecting Through Stories


The Ilaw invites writers of any ethnicity to share their stories or poetry about, or inspired by, their experiences in the Philippines, with Filipinos, being Filipino, or any connection to the Filipino culture. We accept fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, in English or any Filipino dialect (to be translated in English.) 500-600 words.

Community  News


The Ilaw welcomes stories, community news, accolades, announcements, obituaries, employment opportunities, comics, recipes, ideas for content, etc. Our goal is to connect, inform, celebrate and inspire Filipinos and people connected to or interested in Filipino culture, living in Victoria, B.C. Canada.


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