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Adults & Youth Ages 7 and up

The VFCA Carolers serenade families in their own homes with classic Filipino Christmas carols, bringing joyful memories of Christmas in the Philippines, while raising funds for the Bayanihan Cultural Housing Society.


Singers and guitarists, regardless of ethnicity, are welcome to join. Practices begin in October leading to home-to-home caroling December 1-24, from 5pm - 9pm. Temporarily suspended until next October 2022.

Adults & Youth Ages 5 and up

Learn traditional Filipino dances from various regions in the Philippines and their historical roots. All are welcome, regardless of ethnicity. For beginners and intermediate students.


Students who are able to commit for one year, are welcome  and encourage to join the Sampaguita Dance Troupe or the Sampaguita Performing Arts Group.


Please sign up for notifications and so we can gauge interests and age groups.



Adults & Youth Ages 5 and up

Love dancing? The VFCA Sampaguita Dance Troupe wants you! They perform traditional Filipino dances in multicultural events and festivals throughout the year. All are welcome to participate and encourage everyone regardless of ethnicity. One-year commitment required.


If you like to join us, please sign up for notifications. 


Adults Only

Join the fun or just hang out! This friendly social event for adults is held Thursdays, 7-9pm. There is a $2 drop-in fee to go towards hall rental.

We welcome and encourage everyone to join regardless of ethnicity. Please sign up for notifications.

Adults & Youth Ages 3 and up

For beginners and intermediate students, Tagalog classes will be taught online initially and move to in-person classrooms depending on Covid-19 restrictions. Those who are fluent in Tagalog are welcome to volunteer for practise conversations.


Please sign up for notifications and so we can gauge interest and age groups.


Adults & Youth Ages 5 and up

The Sampaguita Performing Arts Group shares Filipino dances, songs and theatrical presentations at VFCA functions, multicultural events, and other performance opportunities.


Share your talent and skills on stage or behind the scenes. All who are interested in Filipino culture are welcome and encourage to join regardless of ethnicity.


 Please sign up for notifications and so we can gauge interest and age groups.

Adults & Youth Ages 12 and up

VFCA is developing a new media production program for youth and adults with the goal of creating a VFCA Youtube channel to celebrate and promote Filipino culture and showcase Victoria talent.


Please sign up if you are interested in participating behind or in front of the camera, or if you are an experienced filmmaker who would like to teach and mentor participants, so we can gauge interest. Everyone who is interested in Filipino culture are welcome to join, regardless of ethnicity.​​


The VFCA Media Production Club are temporarily until further notice. Please sign up for notifications and so we can gauge interest and age groups.

Summer Youth Camp

Ages 5 to 17 years old

The Youth Camp programs runs every summer. Children is learning about Philippine Language and Culture. Learning traditional arts and crafts. Lots of activities and outdoor games to enjoy and have fun!

Everyone are welcome and encourage to register regardless of ethnicity.

The Youth Camp will be ongoing program and if you would like to volunteer, we welcome everyone ideas to share, please sign up.



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